Zimmer Family

Thanks to the Zimmer family for allowing me to show of their family pictures.

123 8x10 crop

What an awesome family!  I’ve have the privileged of taking family photos of the Zimmer family for several years.  They are genuinely  super nice people. One of the perks of taking family photos is to be able to meet so many great people.  One of the family members you can see in their family photo is their beautiful Dog.  We encourage family to bring their pets for their family photos.  The Zimmer’s family photos were taken at wheeler farm one of my favorite places to go.   Many different  settings are available at wheeler farm for great family photos.  At each portrait session we try to photography the entire family in 2-3 different places in different types of poses.  We also love to take pictures of the children together and separate.  There is no sitting fee so we are glad to photograph as many different groupings as you would like.  If you like the different grouping we photography you can choose to make prints of them with us or you can choose to own the images yourself.

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