Family Portraits The Hansen Family

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Thanks to the Hansen family for letting us show off their beautiful family portraits.

Murray Park is a great place to take family portraits.  Their are awesome bridges, and beautiful river, and a great pond.  Murray park has been around for many many years so the trees are gigantic.  This means a lot of great shade for family portraits.  Family portraits are better in the shade.  The soft light in shade is very flattering light.  We all look better in the shade.  Shade for family portrait is especially important in July when it is 100 degrees outside.  Don’t forget to choose Barrus Photograpy for your next family portrait.  We know how to make you and yours look great in your next family portrait.

Spring family portrait special only $150 to own the images of your large family group.  (reg. $195)  Small group extra at a great discount.

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