Family Photography The Simmons Family

Thanks to the Simmons family for choosing Barrus Potography for their family Photography

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The Simmons family is Awesome!  They not only look great but the are great.  Four son’smarried and eight beautiful grand children.  Lainy and I have our own six grandchildren so we know there is nothing better.  As you can see the Simmons choose to be dressy for their outdoor family portrait at Murray Park.  Some may think dressy doesn’t work outside.  I think dress can work very well outside especially  at a well groomed park like Murray Park.

So glad I choose family photography as my profession.  I get to spend time with amazing people in the beautiful outdoors.  I  enjoy playing with other people’s grand kids almost as much as I enjoy playing with my own grand kids.  I can be pretty silly to get their attention for the best possible family picture.

Please look at the following link to see some amazing examples of family photography I’ve done over the years at Barrus Photography.

Family Photography at Barrus Photography