Family Photographers The Truscott Family

Thanks to the Truscott family for letting us be their family photographers.

174 8x10 Truscott176 8x10 Truscott

154 8x10 Truscott164 8x10 Truscott

129 8x10 crop136 8x10 crop

We love the Truscott family.  It’s been fun getting to know their family and taking their family pictures over the years.  They are great people mom, dad  and kids.  If you are looking for a home mortgage Mark is the guy to call 801-891-1029.  My wife Lainy is a realtor and she recommends Mark Truscott.

Barrus Photography is proud to be Utah’s choice for family photographers.  We have been taking family portraits for over 30 years.  We care that you look you very best.

Click this link to view more great pictures taken by Steve barrus at Murray Park.

Barrus family photographers Murray Park photos.