Drummond Family

Thanks to the Drummond family for letting us show off their beautiful family portrait

170 24x36 Drummond


109 8x10 crop Drummond123 11x14 Drummond 8x10 crop139 Armand fam Drummond 8x10 crop

Such a beautiful family!   I had a great time photographing the Drummond family.  Great people, great to work with.  Murray Park makes such a great setting for family portraits.  The pond at Murray park is amazing.  I love to use a long telephoto lens to take small family group pictures.  The resulting blurry background gives the family portraits a beautiful three dimensional look.  I think you can tell by looking at my work that I truly love what I do.  I like to tease the families by telling them that “we are going to try to make this family portrait look like we like each other”   Since taking family portraits is probably no everyone’s favorite thing to do I really do try to make it a fun experience for everyone.

Please click the link to see more great family portraits taken by me at Murray Park

Murry park family portraits